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Della Panetteria

Ricotta Pancakes    45

berry jam, pistachia, honey

Cannoli Siciliani    50

tube-shaped shells of fried dough, sweet ricotta, candied fruits, pistachio, chocolate

Bomboloni    20

italian style doughnut filled with pastry cream

Granola    45

home made granola, dried fruits, spiced honey, yogurt

Cornetto    15

butter croissant

Fruit Salad    50

freshly cut fruits, vanilla syrup, mint

Saccottino al Cioccolato    18

croissant filled with chocolate and hazelnut granache

Della Cucina

Poached Egg    69

chargrilled focaccia and asparagus, beef bacon, parmesan, hollandaise sauce

Omelette    45

zucchini, spinach, basil, ricotta

Salmon Bruschetta    78

grilled sourdough bread, cured salmon, crushed avocado, fennel and herbs salad

The Full Italian    84

fried egg, toscanelli beans, veal and fennel sausage, roasted leek and potato rosti, grilled vegetables, beef bacon

Sunny Side Up    60

fried eggs, crushed avocado toast, beef bacon, tomato salsa

Patate    56

fried eggs, roasted new potatoes, truffle hollandaise sauce, caramelised onion, pecorino

Duck Waffle    78

savoury waffle duck confit, caramelised apple mostarda, fried egg, crispy beef bacon

Purgatorio    45

pan cooked eggs in a fiery tomato and pepper sauce, spicy hazelnut and chickpea crostini

Salmon Frittata    63

baked italian omelette with herbs and red onion, smoked salmon, mascarpone

Braised Beef Toast    73

parmesan eggy bread, braised beef, fried egg, gremolata